Midtown Arts District

Kingston launches Midtown Arts District

Sometimes this redevelopment process happens organically, as it did in Manhattan’s SoHo and TriBeCa in the 1980s. In other cases, municipalities sweeten the pot with tax deductions, low-interest construction loans or by making certain neighborhoods eligible for grant funding. In Midtown Kingston….

Already nearly 40 buildings are devoted to arts enterprises, housing nearly 200 arts and crafts workrooms, manufacturing sites, showrooms, studios, live/work lofts, galleries, video and recording facilities, performance spaces and nonprofit arts programs…. Read more
Midtown Arts District

Midtown Arts District Mission

The Midtown Arts District mission is to unite, revitalize, and enrich the community through the arts. We are focused on building upon the City’s existing assets and reputation as an arts-friendly place in which to live, work and play, while remaining inclusive of and equitable to all. To establish a clear arts identity for the City’s urban center, To create distinct physical boundaries that define the District , welcome visitors, and connect the City’s Uptown, Midtown, and Rondout Waterfront neighborhoods… Read more

Art links Brooklyn, Kingston

A new group of artists, called the Brooklyn-Kingston Exchange Project, will be shown for the first time at Gallery One Eleven in the Shirt Factory.... It’s more evidence that Kingston, which will host the second annual O+ (read as O-Positive) festival showcasing exciting art and music…. Read more

Making movies in Kingston goes next level

What spurred Hollywood’s sudden interest in Ulster County, according to County Executive Mike Hein, was Hein’s successful effort to lobby state lawmakers to extend a 40 percent film production tax credit, available in almost all upstate counties, to Ulster. Our exclusion, Hein said, made filming in Ulster County a less attractive proposition despite its varied scenery, proximity to New York City and local film industry talent pool.… Read more


Doers and Dreamers of Kingston NY

Yes, the Kingston area has had its share of artists, writers, musicians, media mavens, etc., descend upon it, but there are a number of others that are dedicated to working with our community in various capacities that have also moved to this area. We are certainly fortunate for that because not everyone has the desire to, or is capable of dealing with the full spectrum of needs that people in a community may have and those that fill those roles may not always get the appreciation they deserve. In many cases those needs are seeded in poverty, mental illness, lack of basic life skills, and sometimes just unfortunate circumstances. Say ‘hello’ to this week’s Doer and Dreamer who has enthusiastically plugged herself into our community on many levels, fulfilling a calling that few others have…. Read more

An exceptional July for Kingston’s art scene

There were so many openings last Saturday night — a total of 18 — it was impossible to see them all; one wishes the hours would be extended or the exhibitions would re-open for a few hours on Sunday afternoon…. Read more

The Ulster Performing Arts Center

The Ulster Performing Arts Center (UPAC), originally the Broadway Theater and Community Theatre, located on Broadway in Kingston, New York. A Classical Revival building built in 1926, it is the only unaltered pre-World War II theater left in the city, and one of only three from that era in the Hudson Valley. It is also the largest proscenium theater between Manhattan and Albany.
Today it primarily hosts national music acts, classic films, symphonies, dance & more. The Hudson Valley Philharmonic calls it home due to its superior acoustics, and many popular recording artists have made UPAC a stop on their concert tours….. Read more


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