1099 Ulster Ave, Kingston, NY. 12401

This is a freestanding 2 level retail building with 10,556 SF of prime retail space in total. This is an ideal opportunity for retailer looking to rent space in a valuable location in the heart of Kingston’s major retail district.


  • Property Subtypes: Retail for Lease or Sale
  • Features: Elevator, Loading Dock, Parking
  • Offers: High visibility location

The Fuller Building is located in the center of Kingston’s Midtown Art District, behind YMCA.

Three story 67.000 sf building will be leased out in 300- to 6.000-square-foot sections to serve as work spaces for professional and creative concerns.

Fuller Building facilities will also include short term studio rentals for video and photo shoots as well as special events and gallery spaces.

1099 Ulster Ave, Kingston, NY. 12401

Offers 8 Luxury Apartments and 2 commercial units. An immediate neighbor to the left is the Broadway Theatre, today known as Ulster Performing Arts Center. Currently under renovation to be finished in spring of 2018.

  • Amenities Include:
  • Living Quarters with Mezzanines
  • Energy Efficient appliances
  • On-site storage units & Laundry Facility
  • Common Gallery Space of 700 sf
  • Roof top garden
  • Elevator and Parking
Kingston, NY is Happening!
Are we really the New Brooklyn?

Are we really the new Brooklyn?

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